The Courage to Begin

Sarahn Says – Beginnings can be hard. We get so excited about the possibility of something new but it’s the act of starting it that can sometimes prove to be difficult. We all get nervous about failing or not being able to get what we desire from this new endeavor. But sometimes it’s just that doubt that stops us from being able to accomplish things…well that’s all the time. Fear is the main thing holding us back from claiming all that is ours, but we can’t see the end so we don’t always suppress the courage to begin anyway. The fear comes in different forms. Sometimes we tell ourselves we don’t really want it that much (a coping mechanism we use to not feel so bad about walking away). When something is really meant for us though, it seems to permanently exist in our heads and our hearts. We can never really escape from something that is meant for us. Instead we just choose to not begin. Understandable… beginnings can be hard. It took me 3 years to start Sarahn Says. I just acted like it wasn’t a priority to me. I told myself that I would get around to it eventually or discover another purpose for my passion. I was wrong. I am now in love with my work, my art. The one thing I was once afraid to begin, I now hope will never end but instead only grow as I do. I have found so much joy in the beginning of something. After thinking about how much more I could have already accomplished if I wasn’t afraid of the beginning before, I decided now was a better time to begin than ever. This time was no easier and doubts never disappeared but the courage I suppressed to walk into this, without even seeing the end, has already helped me to understand why I am here. Don’t be afraid of getting lost in the dark. Find the courage to begin. Become an instrument of God and in doing so, help the soul of the world. #sarahnsays

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