The Security in Forgiving Yourself

Sarahn Says – One of the hardest things for us to do as humans is forgive ourselves. We decide how easily or challenging it will be to forgive others, but we always feel helpless when it comes to our personal evaluations of ourselves. We wish we could go back in the moment and choose our words differently, or speak up a little louder…or quieter, reverse the vulnerability, find the courage to be honest and even just appreciate the moment a little more. All of this as a result of the knowledge we gained after the experience. We fantasize about the alternative outcomes and question the role we played in the situation. We blame ourselves for why things didn’t turn out the exact way we wanted them to. Sometimes we feel the need for closure or reassurance that we think will make it all better, but it’s really about the security of knowing that the outcome was a desired one. You have that. You know that the outcome of your decision was desired and decided by the universe. You know that the feeling of regret was given to you by God. You got more from the decision than you lost from it. So free yourself. Forgive, and take pride in the security that you gain from accepting. Take pride in the experience you gained from the “mistake”, and the knowledge you acquired to prevent from making it again. #sarahnsays


  1. Thank You So Much For Your Words Of Wisdom And Encouragement. I Find Forgiving Myself To Be One Of My Greatest Challenges, However, I Am Still Confident That I Can And Will Forgive Myself As I Am Doing And Achieving Some Progress One Day At A Time! Thank You so Much And I Love You Relentlessly!


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