The Truth Behind Settling

Sarahn Says – Settling gets a bad name in love. We’re taught that to settle in a relationship or position means being pre-maturely content or satisfied with someone who is not everything one thinks they want and need. In reality, no matter who you decide to be with, you are settling. No one is going to have everything you want and need. There is always going to be that thought in your head that maybe there is someone else out there that is more compatible with you or that you can find a higher level of happiness with. Perfect relationships don’t exist in the same way perfect people don’t exist. God will never give us everything so that we can appreciate what we do have. Love is a choice. Commitment is a decision. When you make that choice and that decision, you do it because you’ve found contentment in the bond you share with someone. You do it because you’re satisfied with the level of happiness you have with them and you’re not willing to risk losing it for the idea or possibility of someone or something greater. That act in itself is settling. Take time to find the person that inspires you to choose love and understand that the decision to commit is yours alone. Remember to settle not because you think you can’t do better, but instead because you don’t know what better is. Don’t settle for less, settle for more. #sarahnsays


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