Desensitizing Your Senses (Pt. 1)

Sarahn Says – Have you ever not known why you’re feeling down? You can’t really pinpoint anything that happened in your day or recognize any stressor that would have you feeling this way. You just know that for some reason you feel off balance, a little sad or anxious. Almost as if the energy of the universe is not in your favor…maybe even against you. We live in a world where everyone has an energy. Some are greater than others, but undoubtedly the feelings and energies of those around us seem to have an influence on us. We must train our senses to be in some ways desensitized to the energies of others. Empathy and compassion are some of the God’s greatest gifts, and we must not lose these things during this process. We must remain faithful to the higher being by continuing to spread love and understanding. These things are what make the world go round. However, we must learn to control what we receive from others, and what we allow them to give us. Maintaining control of your personal energy is one of the important keys to happiness. This can be achieved with prayer, talking to people, meditation, exercise, rest…maybe even crying, walking, screaming, writing, eating or engaging in intimacy with a loved one. Whatever works for you. Experiment. You own your time, space and attention and you have control of what you give it to. Take the time to find out what works for you and discover the many ways in which you can receive the positive energies and reject the negative ones. #sarahnsays

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