Interacting with Energy (Pt.2)

Sarahn Says – In the last entry I talked about absorbing the energies of those around you and training your senses to be somewhat desensitized to all the molecules of the universe bouncing off of you. You don’t want to take everything from everybody. Some things we just want to leave where they are! In saying this, there is an important element to energy that you MUST recognize. You must accept that similar energies are attracted to each other. In the same way that we naturally bond with people who have the same temperament as we do, we also absorb energies that our similar to our own energy. If you are receiving positive or negative energy, most likely there is something in you that that energy is attracted to. Those of us who are more sensitive must pay closer attention to this and be more cautious when it comes to absorbing the energies of others. Being sensitive not only means that you are more fragile to the words and actions of others but also to the energies around you. You might find that you’re feeling down because the people around you are feeling the same way, and you might even get angry and hostile if someone in your company is being negative and/or aggressive. You also might assume that people are personally taking shots at you, or that nothing is going in your favor. Go back to my suggestions in Pt. 1 and find out what works for you with regulating your senses. In the meantime, remind yourself that we are all human and must be tolerant of others as we want others to be tolerant of us. #sarahnsays

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