Learning When to Say “When”

Sarahn Says – It’s important to learn when to say “when.” Unfortunately this is a lesson most people learn the hard way. Good judgment is difficult. Some of us learn it well growing up or maybe just understand it naturally. Most of us just learn from experience. There are many different circumstances that this applies to. For some, it’s about choosing to study vs. going to a party. For others it’s about eating fast food or a healthier option. Fighting for a friendship or letting it go, and apologizing for your mistakes when you know you were wrong. For me it was learning when to speak up and when to stay quiet. I really struggled with this and still do. I always felt like it was my responsibility to be the person who should have something to say…NO. The only responsibility we have is to make the decision that is in our best interest without compromising those around us. No one else (shy of your parents) is going to look out for you more than you will. Your friends don’t have a test tomorrow so that’s not the first thing on their mind, and everybody else will stay quiet when you’re talking back. Think about the possible outcomes of your outburst, impulsiveness and/or careless behavior. Don’t let your pride get in the way of making the right decision and don’t let the pressure of people or outside forces be the reason why you’re compromising yourself. It’s usually not worth it. Hardly ever. But sometimes it takes losing a good friend, gaining a few extra pounds and/or a hit to your GPA for you to get the message. That’s ok. Read my entry The Security in Forgiving Yourself. Try thinking more before you act and visualizing yourself doing something before you do it. Good and bad. This will be beneficial for you, mainly because it decreases the amount of mistakes you make and the regret you’ll feel from making them. It’s even better when it’s not about holding back from making a poor decision but instead choosing to make a good one. Slow it down and visualize the consequences and in the process you will learn when to say “when”. #sarahnsays

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