Another Way to Fall in Love With Yourself: Be Unconditionally Kind to Everyone

Sarahn Says – Another way to fall in love with yourself is to be unconditionally kind to everyone around you. You ever notice that after saying something hurtful, getting revenge, or putting someone in their place, you don’t feel better afterwards? You actually feel worse. That’s because it doesn’t feel good to be cruel, angry or mean. It goes against our nature and often throws us off balance. You might walk away from a situation thinking about how the other person feels, but you’re more likely to be thinking about how the situation made you feel…inconsiderate, at fault, and maybe even regretful. On the other hand, it feels so amazing to be kind. Not only do we feel so much better about everything around us, but we feel better about ourselves. We like what we see when we look in the mirror and we know others like what they see as well. The best part about it is that we inspire those around us to be kind. It can be hard to be unconditionally kind to everyone, especially when we’re bogged down by our own problems. It’s even harder when there is negative energy coming from people around us. But you can’t let people get in the way of you loving yourself. That’s just as ridiculous and their negativity! Put a little extra effort in to being kind, even in the face of cruelty. Your ego might take some hits at first, but in the long run you’ll feel amazing. Start today and slowly make it a part of your lifestyle. #sarahnsays

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