Day 22 (The 40 to my 20)

Sarahn Says – Do not get discouraged that you made promises yesterday that you weren’t able to keep today. Or that you’ve watched the weeks pass and haven’t made the progress that you set for yourself. The blessing is that you can be motivated again tomorrow. You will go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow with a new opportunity, to create moments that bring you happiness, to spend time with people you love, to better yourself. It’s about being happy on your journey. Do not wait for your life to bring you happiness, because it will never come. If you are unsatisfied, it is because you are allowing the opinions and standards of others to define what happiness means to you. You’ll always want more than you have, and even when you get what you thought you wanted, you’ll at that point be unsatisfied with that. So don’t wait for your life to bring you happiness, instead let happiness bring you your life. If you choose to be happy with all that you have today, you don’t have to worry about what you didn’t have yesterday or what you won’t have tomorrow…Are you worried about being successful? Remember that progression will inevitably lead you through your journey.  Be successful at being grateful and you will always be successful at being happy…which will bring you success in all other areas of your life. #sarahnsays

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