Day 34 (The 40 to my 20)

Sarahn Says – We continue to find ourselves disappointed and frustrated over and over again because of the expectations we have for people. Most of the time it’s the people we care about that disappoint us the most. These are the people we have the greatest expectations of, and our disappointments are only as great as our expectations. In an attempt to get rid of the disappointment, we search for the fastest way to accept the feeling and move on from it. This is usually done by telling ourselves simply not to have expectations for the person. When we do this however, we always seem to get let down again and again, because we never really changed the way we saw the person. Instead, we tried to change the way we ourselves felt and reacted to the disappointment. When someone disappoints you, don’t expect him or her not to disappoint you again, just take a mental note and start making steps to move their position in your life. Maybe it’s spending less time around them, or removing them from the immediate circle around you. It takes persistence and time but you just have to remember the feeling of disappointment and stop making it about them. It’s about you! You can’t control what people show you, but you can control how you see them. #sarahnsays

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