Day 40 (The 40 to my 20)

Sarahn Says – Wow!! Day 40 is finally here! This whole experience has been a true blessing for me. It has made me understand and accept where I am at this point in my life. I’m a young woman, a student, a daughter, a sister, a friend…I’m a person who needed to sacrifice, commit and search for something inside of me…something outside of me. I needed to relearn some old lesson and discover some new ones. I needed to know that I was someone who could not only live with an awareness of those around me, but also live with an awareness of myself. I had to remind myself that I was someone that could meticulously mind their thoughts, words and actions but even more remember that I will never stop growing. I will never stop changing, and learning and evolving. Making mistakes is inevitable, and failing is necessary—just like this journey. I have the universe to thank for giving me most of what I wanted and everything I needed, which was to study who I was…to find some things I had lost, and lose some things I had found. I needed to inspire and be inspired by those around me, near and far. I needed to gain some discipline, acquire a little humility, and discover a deeper level of self-love. Most of all, I needed to enter my 20’s with my priorities in line, a better understanding of the ways of the world, and a first successful attempt and maximizing me. #sarahnsays

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