Just let it be…a lesson.

Sarahn Says – We often convince ourselves that something or someone is so important and significant in our lives. We do it so passionately and deliberately, like we forgot who we were before it made its way into our universe and we’re afraid to face what life might look like and feel like after. The scariest times are when we place it so high up on the list of defining components in our lives that we go through all the possibilities and outcomes the situation might bring. “Well what does this mean for a year from now? What do people think of me? How has this changed my reality?” We become the most courageous and cowardice versions of ourselves. We have the guts to make assumptions, convince ourselves, AND others, and most of all expose who we are—completely, to whatever or whoever. At the same time we are so afraid to let go, move on, overcome…like we think losing hurts more than suffering…like we think swimming takes more energy than sinking…like we think hope is stronger than faith. And when all the time passes, however long that may be, when we decide that were just about over suffering and sinking, we can see the situation for just what it was…a learning experience. And instead of giving it value for your life and your future, you find a way to place it right where it belongs, exactly where it is. Because now you understand that it has already affected your life, because you learned. You trusted the timing, you moved your courage in another direction, you remembered who you were before and became excited to see who you would be after. You just let it be…a lesson. #sarahnsays

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