Another Way To Fall In Love With Yourself: Forgive Others

Sarahn Says – Another way to fall in love with yourself is to forgive. Often, we unconsciously bring ourselves down because we’re holding on to negative feelings we have towards others. We use people and problems from our past as excuses for why we can’t do better or why we won’t do better. Forgive that bully from 6th grade who is now the reason you lash out at people, or that ex you feel is the reason you don’t trust. You are not defined by the actions of others. Forgive those people. Realize that they only harmed you as a method to avoid their own internal pain. Forgive because you want others to forgive you for the mistakes you have made as well. When you make the decision to forgive, you see how strong you are and how much control you have just taken over your life. Whether you feel like someone deserves your forgiveness or not, you are the only person who has to deal with that personal negativity. Regardless of how they’ll feel, forgive because it makes YOU feel better and fall in love with yourself as a result. #sarahnsays

Author: Sarahn Says

Hello! My name is Sarahn. I am an aspiring life coach/therapist who finds purpose and passion in relating to readers with my words and thoughts on health and wellness, personal reflection and positive lifestyle changes. I'm a lover of nature and nurture and come to you by way of sky high vibes and zucchini fries.

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