Permanently Temporary : The Time Machine of Pain

Sarahn Says – One of the greatest feelings in the world is when you realize that your pain will one day go away. An even greater feeling is when it does! Its like when the clouds move away from in front of the sun and everything around you becomes illuminated…if only for a moment. When sometime in between your tears, you let out a chuckle. Where somewhere buried in the hurt, you discover your happiness. And after you’ve created this illusion of negativity around you, you remember the ways of the world, which plant and nourish truth, honesty, and unconditional love. Pain can be disguised in so many forms. We don’t always know what it is or where its coming from but we always know when it’s there. Do not run from your pain. The truth is, we have all the answers inside that we need to cure the pain. We were not created to self-sabotage or encourage denial. We were not created to choose lesser love. We were created to discover the polarities of our emotions. We were created to learn the beauty of time. We were created to keep our faith strong and to not pause our progress waiting for signs and answers. Marinate in your pain long enough for you to tell yourself it wont last forever. Believe me – it wont! Don’t become so comfortable in your pain that it begins to become familiar. Don’t allow that illusion to stop you from making a higher choice. A choice rooted in patience, gratefulness and an absolute appreciation for change. The answers will come when you let go of your understanding, search for a different self-experience, and allow the universe to re-mold you…pain free. #sarahnsays

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