Pinpointing Your Main Weakness

Sarahn Says – We all have a main weakness or distraction that proves to be most difficult for us to avoid. While we have every other aspect our lives together (or we think we do), there’s that one thing that always seems to be the common denominator in you not having it all together. While there are several things that get it the way of this, we can manage some things more than others. We can control certain areas of our lives easier than others, and in the more difficult areas lies the problem. For some of us, it’s the distraction of significant others, that always seem to come in and out of your life. For others, it’s family-related; maybe a specific family member or family issue that just won’t figure itself out. Sometimes, it’s the temptation of drugs and/or alcohol that was a problem in your past and is always trying to become a problem in your present. It can even just be ones lack of self-esteem that continues to bring them down whenever they’re trying to pick themselves up. Pay attention to the reoccurring issues in your life and try to pinpoint the one main weakness or distraction that always throws you off of your track. In doing this you are one step closer to maintaining control over this “weakness”. This control allows you to have a larger perspective on the way you operate and makes your ability to progress that much easier. If your main weakness is something you can eliminate from your life, try your hardest to do so. Although its not that easy or simple, understand that so much of your potential and growth is being hindered by this “weakness” and therefore its removal is only as important as your growing process. If your main weakness is something that is not as easy to get rid of, try distancing yourself from this weakness or changing the way you interact with it. #sarahnsays

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