The Best Kind of Love

Sarahn Says – Appreciate all the love you’re receiving this time of the year. Valentine’s Day! On this day love is acknowledged, celebrated and displayed in a special way. For some of us, it’s been manifested in gifts, quality time, and physical touch. For others, it has been more subtle, a phone call, or a card. No matter what it was or wasn’t, the greatest “love happening” that could possibly occur for you on this day, is choosing to put self-love before anything else. Allow your thoughts to nurture your highest truth. Allow your words to nourish your give-and-take relationship with the universe. Allow your actions to be a direct reflection of your heart. Your highest truth, your divine relationship with the world, and the reflection of your heart…these things are made up of love, the universal language. These things are made up of special kind of love. The strongest, richest, most fulfilling and most exciting kind of love. Stronger than embraces, richer than gold, more fulfilling than promises of eternal passion and more exciting than any kind of warm fuzzy feeling that someone else can give you. Your highest truth is loving yourself, unconditionally and eternally. Your responsibility to the universe is to accept yourself in every moment by appearing as everything that you are, and nothing that you are not. In exchange, the universe will return you with attitudes of joy, love, peace and gratitude. This year, this time, this day–everyday, give yourself the gift of self-love. Everyday is an appropriate day to celebrate loving yourself. You will never feel pressured to create an extraordinary experience on certain days of the year. You won’t wonder about the gratitude and satisfaction of others. You will not doubt what you have given or why you have given it, nor will you anticipate what you might receive. You won’t have to worry about how you will use it or pretending to like it more than you really do. It’s the gift you give yourself and the gift that keeps on giving. #sarahnsays

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