Stressing Your Blessing

Sarahn Says – Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and stressed out by our greatest blessings. We become excited at the possibility of new opportunities, and even more optimistic in the beginning of new adventures. The opportunity to be a student, a teacher, a leader, or a follower…we’re eager, we’re equipped, and we’re ready for the world! And then it happens…sometimes we give too much attention to that second thought, or maybe we allow the wrong energy to influence us, and we come face-to-face with the obstacles that come along with any challenging opportunity. So quickly we begin to see our circumstances as stressors and we forget that we once saw them as blessings. They never changed their place as conducive contributions to our lives, we just stopped seeing them in that way. And as a result, we now connect the opportunity to negative thoughts and feelings and we allow ourselves, and the true place we hold in the circumstance to get lost. These obstacles remain there and they are always on their way to us. We have no control over that. But, it’s not about the magnitude of the obstacles, or even about our preparation for them. It’s about how we react to the obstacles, how we approach the challenges, and how easily we re-commit to not stressing our blessings. You already know that every opportunity is a blessing, but remember that every challenge inside every opportunity is a blessing as well. Recognize the power, and responsibility that comes with receiving and be grateful for the challenge. You’re too blessed to be stressed. #sarahnsays

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