The Message

Sarahn Says – The message: There is nothing or no one that God has for you that can be taken away by anything or anyone. That’s it. The message…I was trying to send to my friends on this last day of college. Well not my official last day, but that of so many of my friends. It was burning in my mind all day long. I woke up thinking about it, and was waiting for the perfect moment to share it with people I love. Unfortunately the moment never came and as I walked away from the photo ops with the family and the caps and gowns, I could only help but to think to myself that this was a message for me. A message to me, from me…me and the universe. Something to take with me moving forward in the next stage of my life. While I was so eager to share it with anyone and everyone—that perfect emotional moment, that perfect opportunity, it was really meant for me. For me to recognize and for me to understand. No matter where or when or how it happens, this is the message. You need not be envious of anyone’s opportunity, of anyone’s blessing. Instead just remember not to be afraid or doubtful of your opportunity and your blessing, and have confidence in knowing that it was specifically created for you. #sarahnsays

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