The 21 to my 21

Take the journey with me from October 19th-November 8th.


  1. Sarahn,
    You know that I love what you are doing. I will pray, meditate, exercise and eat right. I’m excited about the journey and will keep you lifted up as you journey also.


  2. Yes I will take this journey with you. This opportunity has presented itself in great timing. I will
    1. Exercise
    2. Pray
    3. Limit my nicotine intake as much as possible
    4. Meditate


    1. Wow! I love #3. That’s a really important and courageous decision for your health. Please continue to communicate with me throughout the 21 days about your experience. Thank you so much. #sarahnsays


  3. You’ve grown to be very responsible and educated. I adore what you’re doing. Unfortunately, I can’t take the journey with you. Pls continue to assist others along in your journey. By the way my nickname is Cookie I attended OHS with your parents. Continue to do well.


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