The 21 to my 21 List

The 21 to my 21 list

Monday October 19 – Sunday November 8

1.  Meditate

Take the time to be still, listen and reflect – everyday!

2.  Exercise

Stress reliever, visual growth, be healthy, release endorphins, look amazing at the end of it all!

3.  Pray

Deliberately twice a day

4.  Vegan

Cleanse! Discipline and control.

5.  Positive Affirmations

3 daily to start my day off strong and carry with me throughout my days

6.  Sleep

As a college student this can be hard, but it will require that I waste no time during the day. Committing to sleeping for 8 hours everyday will give me the energy that I need to fuel myself mentally, physically and spiritually.

7.  Journaling

Write down my intimate thoughts and feelings and have something tangible to symbolize my journey.

8. Spending as much time as possible in nature

To remember where I came from and to appreciate all that is around me

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