The 21 to my 21: Day 1

Sarahn Says – Wow! Here I am, so excited for courage and clarity and so inspired by change and choice. Day 1 has been an interesting mixture of sunshine and cloudy weather; a perfect balance between structure and spontaneity. I went to sleep last night with so much energy but surprisingly woke up in a very ordinary mood. As I made breakfast, which is something I rarely do, I told myself that I needed to recognize the uniqueness in this day. This was the 1st day of The 21 to my 21. Not only would I not accept a lackluster attitude from myself but I required that I create joy and harmony in every part of the day. After the morning routine of responsibilities, I was impatiently waiting for the feeling that would turn my day around. By 3 o’clock, I was coming to terms with how I felt, and I thought the lesson that I would share with you now, would be a different one. Instead, it is this: don’t write yourself off. Don’t change your name. Do not decide so quickly that something can’t be. Give it a chance. Give yourself a chance to be everything that you want to be. Be as patient with the world as you want it to be with you. Only be in a hurry to think positively, because that makes the process of waiting for everything else so much shorter. #sarahnsays #day1 #the21tomy21

Positive Affirmations of the day:

  • Love is who I am.
  • My beliefs create my reality so I only believe in my full potential.
  • I am consciously aware everyday of my daily life.

Part of nature I most connected with today: Wind

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