The 21 to my 21: Day 2

Sarahn Says – Yes Universe! Please continue to be good to me. Continue to feed me with fruition. Continue to surround me with serenity. Continue to make each day an opportunity to give and grow. Day 2 has been a day of collective conversation and curiosity. It has inspired me to break through the fetters of false realities and run wild into the arms of wisdom. While the processes of contemplation and consideration can be intimidating, they don’t have to be. Your mind was created to reason. That is what makes you human. That’s what makes you powerful. Not because it allows you to form ideas and connections in a world you exist alone in, but because it provides with you options for choice. It gives you perspectives on not who you are, but who you can choose to be. Your thoughts provide a colorful palette of what you know the world can be. Your actions paint the picture, of who you are. That’s what’s important. That’s what counts. You the artist, and the landscape you create for your life. #sarahnsays #day2 #the21tomy21

Positive Affirmations of the day:

  • I am healthy, wealthy and empowered.
  • I forgive myself and others whenever the opportunity arises.
  • My greatest expansion occurs when I try new things.
  • I remember how divine I am.


  1. Your post today surrounds me with Peace !!
    I reflect back on when you were a youn girl,and Always inquisitive with a Thirst for knowledge.
    So Proud of you,GodBabyGirl.
    You are LOVE !! #SarahnSays


    1. Aunt Blew! I’m so grateful to have you on this journey with me. You have been here since the beginning. I can’t wait to go to the top together. Thank you thank you thank you. Love you much. ❤


  2. This is beautiful! I should never be afraid to rethink and re-evaluate situations in my life. I am who I am through my actions. What a powerful statement. This truly means we can become what we want to be. I love you beautiful Sarahn


  3. Today, I realized how much forgiving, letting go and moving forward I still have to do! I am feeling stuck but know that my opportunities for growth are in my prayer and meditation. Thank you for the positive affirmations! Love you!


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