The 21 to my 21: Day 4

Sarahn Says – Today was a very relaxing day. It came at a perfect time for me. Right when I needed to slow down a bit, Day 4 surprised me with cloudy skies and warm smiles. You need those days off sometimes, to pay attention to your heartbeat and gain a greater appreciation for everything that’s around you, even if it’s not in the form you want it to be in. We often try to run on more energy than we have fueling us. We create more work in our heads than we have in our hands, and we begin to feel unsettled when we’re not moving from place to place. Go figure! Everybody needs those walks that turn into strolls and those plans that turn into free time. Welcome it. Embrace it. Recognize it as an important and necessary time for you to center yourself and move you in the direction you want to go in. Just like we respect the days full of meetings, deadlines, sweat and strides, we must remember to respect the days when our only responsibility is to be and take a trip inside. #sarahnsays #the21tomy21 #Day4

Positive Affirmations for today:

  • The more gratitude I express, the more reasons I have to be grateful.
  • Guilt does not serve me and I release it instantly.
  • I see oneness in all things.
  • I carry around a suitcase of self-belief, not a backpack of baggage.

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