The 21 to my 21: Day 5

Sarahn Says – Oooook! So the vegan thing is presenting to be a challenge after all, but I feel like I’m running off of clean energy and I’m committed to sticking it out until the end. The diet change and the workout regimen together are doing something miraculous for my body. Everyday I sink deeper and deeper into my meditation and the comfort and ease that comes with it is beyond refreshing. Meditating, just like many other things is a practice and cannot be mastered overnight. If you’re having problems mediating, because you can’t sit still or your thoughts are moving to fast, remember to bring your attention back to your breath and keep practicing day after day. It will pay off ten fold with time. You just have to be committed to the process. My day consisted of well-spent time with great friends and laughs. And in between that, unkept promises and shoulder shrugs that reminded me of something I’ve learned from a different lesson. People can only give you what they have to give, even if you deserve more. It doesn’t matter what you’ve given to them. It’s beyond you, outside of your control. You can ask them for any and everything or question why they don’t show up, but you must remember that someone can only meet you as far as they’ve met themselves. #sarahnsays #the21tomy21 #Day5

Positive Affirmations for the day:

  • Challenges are not obstacles, they are opportunities for my growth.
  • I love to take actions towards making my dreams a reality.
  • Being alive is exciting.
  • Where my attention goes is where energy flows.

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