The 21 to my 21: Day 11

Sarahn Says – Day 11…Today was an eventful day full of excitement and new experiences. My energy is changing and I am beginning to recognize the energy of those around me changing as well. I am adjusting to the new feeling by receiving wisdom from those who love me most and celebrating the next realm of friendship that I have found in myself. As I find a deeper level of love within myself, I must remain true to that process, which requires much patience, honesty and reflection. I must remain true while understanding that everyone around me might not be exactly where I am in this moment. And that’s okay! It just means that I have to be aware of my interpretations and sensitive to the misunderstandings of others. It doesn’t mean that I have to run from authenticity or pretend to reject my growth. It’s really about remembering who I am, and knowing that I will always be exactly that, and accepting that this process of self-evolution is never ending. #sarahnsays #the21tomy21 #Day11

Positive Affirmations for today:

  • I am one with all there is.
  • Love exist in everything I see.
  • My mind is powerful beyond measure.

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