The 21 to my 21: Day 15

Sarahn Says – I can’t believe I have one more week until I turn 21! Time is such a magnificent element of life. The most magnificent I would argue. It’s the only thing we as humans don’t have control over and for that reason it cannot have control over us. As I think about that I question our position in time. All we can do to get the most out of time is to appreciate the moment, no matter how we’re spending it. Even if it’s not spent doing something that makes you extremely happy, or that illuminates everything around you. Even if it’s not a moment of surprise, or suspense; even if it’s a moment of sorrow or sickness…every moment is one you will never get back. We often don’t appreciate a moment until it has left us, and that’s better than not appreciating it at all. However, if we learn how to appreciate the moment when we’re in it, we are never too late, and time spent is never too little. #sarahnsays #the21tomy21 #Day15

Positive Affirmations for today:

  • Breathing deeply brings fresh rejuvenation to every cell of my body.
  • I am the only one who creates my life experiences.
  • When I call upon guidance it is instantly with me.
  • Invisible energy creates everything in my reality.

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