The 21 to my 21: Day 16

Sarahn Says – Day 16…ahhhh. The week has begun and it’s moving along quickly. I know I must take full ownership of these final days. “The 21 to my 21” is almost over. I’m almost 21! Scary. Beautiful. Wild. Amazing. I’m about to finish another lap around the sun. As I become more aware of how and what I’m spending my time and energy on, I’ve been able to reflect a lot on how I prioritize everything that I do. I notice that I use a lot of mental energy thinking about what I NEED to do. Because of that, I become overwhelmed by my responsibilities and consumed by my inability to not do all that I WANT to do. We prioritize what we need to do so much that we exhaust the energy to do what we want to do. We fail to remember that what we need to do is going to get done! It’s what we NEED to do after all. We wont allow for it not to be done. We must remember to equally prioritize what we WANT to do so that we can spend our days doing both. #sarahnsays #the21tomy21 #Day16

Positive Affirmations for today:

  • I make smart calculated plans for my future.
  • I am a problem solver. I focus on solutions and always find the best solution.
  • I observe my thoughts and actions without judging them.

Author: Sarahn Says

Hello! My name is Sarahn. I am an aspiring life coach/therapist who finds purpose and passion in relating to readers with my words and thoughts on health and wellness, personal reflection and positive lifestyle changes. I'm a lover of nature and nurture and come to you by way of sky high vibes and zucchini fries.

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