Travel + Life Tip #2: Don’t choose sleep over new opportunities.

Sarahn Says Travel + Life Tip #2: Don’t choose sleep over new opportunities. 

But you’re so tired, ugh! I know. And you don’t have the energy to give to it. Mmhmm. Better yet, you’ll have another chance to do it. There’s always tomorrow, of course! Take your nap, sleep in, and go to bed early, but know this…you might not think too much about what you missed out on, but you’ll always know that you missed it. This opportunity might come around again, or it might not! And for that reason alone, you can give in to your fatigue another day. Today, take advantage of the new opportunity. You might meet a potential friend, interact with some positive energy, wander down a beautiful road, or make a memory that will last forever! And if it’s not the most rewarding opportunity you’ve ever had, at least you gained something from it, even if just a story to tell, a new perspective or a small lesson learned. No matter what, you can rest assured knowing that the excitement of your bed ends when you wake up. Sleep, is what you need to energize yourself for the experiences, both new and old, that are waiting for you tomorrow. Today, choose the new opportunity, and tonight, fall into your bed knowing you made the right choice. #sarahnsays

Watch this week’s accompanied vlog here:

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