Travel + Life Tip #3: Maximize on each day and night.

Sarahn Says Travel + Life Tip #3: Maximize on each day and night.

Truth is, everyday won’t be the best day of your life. Even if you’re doing something you’ve never done before in a place you’ve never done it, the nature of being human always remains with and in us. But just because yesterday wasn’t the most exciting and fulfilling day, doesn’t mean today can’t be. Today always has the potential to be well spent, regardless of your energy level, mood, or expectations. Make sure you set a task for yourself every day and night. It doesn’t have to be the most enjoyable or extravagant activity—but it can be! Sometimes it will be the exact thing you need to remind yourself that the universe is working in your favor. Most importantly, it’s about being deliberate and making good use of your time. It might be to take a stroll through the park, come together with some friends, or pick up some ingredients for dinner. If you don’t have a tight schedule packed with responsibilities and commitments, you can at least be sure that the day will not be wasted. When you reflect on how much time you have in a place, or lack there of really, it only makes sense to maximize on each day and night you have there. Memories can be revisited, and moments can be relived, but days cannot be duplicated. #sarahnsays


Watch this week’s accompanied vlog here:

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