5 Ways to Feel the Love this Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Feel the Love this Valentine’s Day


1.Remember When You Loved

Flip through old photo albums of the years passed and reminisce on loving moments with loved ones. Take a walk down memory lane with your friends, family, and/or lover to remember they joy and happiness that their love has brought you. Don’t have time to dust off old albums? Scroll through your Facebook photos from 2010! Yup, that was a whole 5 years ago.

2.Give Love to Passion

Gift your lover with the things they have a passion for. In substitution (or addition) for the chocolates, flowers, and balloons, give your loved one books, information, tools, and materials that can help them do the things they love to do. Help them to reignite the fire that’s fuel their passion and the energy that makes them come alive. Giving to them will make you come alive.

3.Move the Love Around

Rearrange your living and love space. Give your office, your living room space, or bedroom a new look, smell, or feel. Give your space the same attention you give your loved ones. It can be as small as purchasing a scented candle for your desk, changing your pillow cases or tidying up your room a little…or a lot. Give love to your space and your space will give love back to you.

4.Call up an Old Friend

Everyone has a friend or two that they haven’t talked to in a while, but still the love never dies! Reach out to that friend for no other reason than simply that they crossed your mind on this valentine’s day. It’s a great way to both give and receive love in the same act, and remind yourself that love is felt more when you hear it through a voice, rather than a text or an online message.


5.Give Yourself Some Love

Take some extra time out to do something nice for yourself. Head to the gym (if you haven’t been in months…years…okay moving on), give yourself a facial, maybe go to sleep a little earlier than usual. Give yourself some TLC this valentines day. Prioritize it! You have to make sure you have love, so that you can continue to give it those around you. Besides, the love that is the most worthy of celebration is the love you have for yourself. #sarahnsays

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