Travel + Life Tip #7: Take time out for the little things.

Sarahn Says Travel + Life Tip #7: Take time out for the little things.

We move so quickly from task to task in our busy lives. We give a lot of mental and physical energy to the things that demand it from us. Most of us have become quite good at attending to these demands. In an attempt to find balance between the repetition and rotation, and relaxation and responsibility, we have to take out time for the little things. We have to give more emotional and spiritual energy to finding stillness and simplicity in our lives. And not just because we have so much going on, but also because we must ensure that we enjoy life by experiencing all the facets of it.

I took a walk through the park after work this week, found a bench and watched the birds mosey at my feet. I observed the wind move through the branches of the trees. I smiled generously at every person whom I made eye contact with. And then it hit me. My life in this moment was a poem… a beautiful mixture of memory and movement. An effortless display of divine design. It was the little things. This was not a duty in my day, but instead a date that was deserved and desired.

Give yourself the moment. Allow yourself time to enjoy the freedom that is yours. Take time out of your busy schedule to stare at the ceiling, paint your nails, take a walk around the block, or flip through old photo albums. Observe the things that are always around you and appreciate the ease you feel when you look at them. Remember that you must also experience the small and the spontaneous, so that you can sink your feet in the sand and reach your hands to the stars. #sarahnsays


Watch this week’s accompanied vlog here:

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