My Spring Break Vol. 1

Locations: London, England & Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


  1. Catching UP,on some of #SarahnSays entries that I missed,and all I’ll say is that;YOU Are The Parts of my life that I let Pass me,at 21,and you are Thee VERY Best Parts of your Parents,who’ve Always had Vision,Purpose,Curiosity,Adventure,Intellect,and Class in their Being !!!
    I’m Honored to have a Front row seat in your panoramic view and thirst for Out Of The Box Life !!! #CarryOn My Love..So Proud of You !!!

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    1. Aunt Blew! Your words are so kind. I am always so overwhelmed by the love that you show me. Thank you for always supporting me on this journey and keeping my head up through it all. I am equally honored to have you in my life and so blessed to share my experiences with you. Thank you thank you thank you. Love Always, Sarahn

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