Travel + Life Tip #11: Check the time, but don’t watch your watch.

Travel + Life Tip #11: Check the time, but don’t watch your watch.

I’m learning more as more as I grow with age, the power of time. The power I have over my time, and the lack of power I have over the time around me. The moments in a day seem like they last forever or not long enough. But forever is an expression of time that doesn’t really exist and enough is subjective to the amount one desires. With one more week in London, I’m loving the space around me with every breath. But as I reflect back on my experience here, I remember when I stopped checking the time. In that reflection, I know the unawareness was both positive and negative. It’s about the balance. The balance between checking the time, but not watching your watch. You want to know how to fit into your day, but you don’t want to be preoccupied in any other moment than the one you are in. Minding the time too much is equally as foolish as neglecting it. If you don’t check the time, it will sneak up on you when you’re off guard, but watching the hands on the clock is taking your focus off of your feet. Where you’re standing, that is the balance.  What’s holding you up, that is the moment—this moment. Enjoy it. Get the most that you can from it. And in between the moments, check the time. Discipline yourself to know when to look down at your wrist, and when to look up in the midst. #sarahnsays

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