Travel + Life Tip #12: If you don’t go out and search, you’ll never find what you’re looking for.

Travel + Life Tip #12: If you don’t go out and search, you’ll never find what you’re looking for. 


Life is a complicated mixture of chance and choice. Sometimes we’re fortunate enough to be granted opportunities we didn’t ask for, and other times things turn out to be grander than we expected. However, more often than not, the experiences that we have are the ones that we create for ourselves. We would live in a pretty interesting world if everything we dreamed of just found its way to our reality, but an even more interesting world is the one we do live in where instead of being confined to our thoughts and dreams, we’re given the choice to make what we want out of them. It is that choice and that control which gives us true power. The kind of power that allows us to love unconditionally, become masters of skills and climb to the top of mountains. That power, is about the choice to go in search of what you are looking for, whether that be a deeper knowledge of purpose and peace, or humility and happiness.  With that power we can do extraordinary things. Extraordinary things that one would never experience if he/she didn’t make the choice to do so. In order to see the world around you, you must choose to go in search of what you are looking for. You can’t concern yourself with leaving others behind, for they also have a choice to stay or go. You can’t concentrate on your lack of knowledge about what is ahead of you, for you will find that some things you can only learn through discovery. Most importantly, you can’t be afraid that you don’t have what you need for the journey, whether it be big or small. Most times you don’t truly know what you need until you find a way to do without it, and you will always bring along something that you will eventually let go of before your journey is complete. The real challenge is choice. The choice to stop at dreaming, or stop at reality. The choice to stay, or go out in search of what you are looking for. #sarahnsays

Author: Sarahn Says

Hello! My name is Sarahn. I am an aspiring life coach/therapist who finds purpose and passion in relating to readers with my words and thoughts on health and wellness, personal reflection and positive lifestyle changes. I'm a lover of nature and nurture and come to you by way of sky high vibes and zucchini fries.

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