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I was in the studio today with Sex Therapist Jamila Dawson. It was a blast! We talked about Eroticism 101, Black Femininity and Spiritual Sex Education! Listen Below and Share!

4.16.17 Show Part 1

4.16.17 Show Part 2



Anti-Trump Tax Rally (Topics: Dishonesty of President, Following the Rules, Changes Expected from Release)


High School Girl and Dress Code (Topics: Dress code and Education, Role administrators have in discussing sexualization with students, educational environment)


Donald Trump, Military Attacks and Messages to North Korea (Topics: Role president has in authorizing military, Nucelar threats from North Korea, Media role in instigating fear of WWIII?

 (USA Today)


Jamila Dawson is a Sex Therapist & Educator with 10+ years of experience providing consultations and workshops for companies in the Los Angeles area. She works with individuals, couples, and partners to explore and enhance their intimate and sexual relationships, and assists with challenges around sexual compulsivity, sexual anorexia, and sexual dysfunctions. Jamila also trains clinicians, organizations, and the general public about swinging, kink, polyamory & sex positivity.

Twitter: @Jamila_Dawson

Facebook: Jamila Dawson


Happy to Be Here – E40

Bag Lady – Erykah Badu

Unstoppable – Lianne La Havas

Strength, Courage & Wisdom – India.Arie

I Got So Much Magic/Junie – Solange

Rise Up – Beyonce



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