96.1 FM/900 AM W.U.R.D. – The Psychology of Clutter

Yesterday evening, I did my weekly segment on Philadelphia’s 96.1 FM/ 900 AM W.U.R.D. show The Lounge. My mom joined me in the studio and we had the best time talking and laughing about CLUTTER!! It’s getting warmer and it’s time to clean up your life. I shared some ways to know if you have a hoarding problem and solutions to cleaning up your space. Listen Below and Share!

Click here to be directed to this week’s segment on SoundCloud.


Check out my segment LIVE on Mondays 6pm PST/9pm EST on Facebook here: 900AM WURD to hear me give insight on keeping your mind, body and soul right for your life. You can also listen to The Lounge at the same time here: http://www.mainstreamnetwork.com/listen/player.asp?station=wurd-am

To find out more about W.U.R.D. and Black Talk Media click here: http://wurdradio.com.

Author: Sarahn Says

Hello! My name is Sarahn. I am an aspiring life coach/therapist who finds purpose and passion in relating to readers with my words and thoughts on health and wellness, personal reflection and positive lifestyle changes. I'm a lover of nature and nurture and come to you by way of sky high vibes and zucchini fries.

2 thoughts

  1. Lol
    I can’t believe you hit me with the receipts in the wallet.
    And why after I finally take them out, after they have gotten too big for the wallet, I put them in a drawer to sort through later?
    I just might be a hoarder.
    Great piece of work!!


    1. 😂 we are all guilty in our own way. Receipts are not the worse but it’s good to be mindful of those things! Lol thank you so much for listening. I really appreciate it.


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