Sacred Woman Winter: Week Three

This week has been consistent. It seemed as though time was moving with me. I appreciated that. I had a pretty relaxing week, for the most part. With the exception of my dad going into the hospital, for what was fortunately a FALSE Positive test result, my week was pretty smooth and went according to plan. I got multiple chances to spend quality time by myself and during that time much reflection about my life, and my wants and dreams took place. I was grateful to have a special place and time set aside to reflect effectively. This week, I spent time with someone new, I made a few new friends, and I did something I haven’t done in a while. I made things better where I felt they were already good and I explored my feelings as it related to a situation I have been holding in for a little while. I got some clarity through talking to good friends.

I am excited about the coming weeks. I have my first Sarahn Says event coming up next weekend, I began my research on Graduate School options this week, and I discussed business for multiple projects I have going on right now. I love life. If one thing could be better, it would be my back. I feel like I might have overdone yoga one evening and need to do a little “under-doing” for a few days. To a weekend full of excitement and a week full of evolution!

My goals for this upcoming week are to prepare fully mentally and physically for my event next weekend, sell some more tickets, of course, get my back feeling better and not waste anytime doing unimportant things!

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  1. I kind of wondered about your back with that amazing stretch you posted a few days ago. Love the hair. Curious to know about your grad school options, and I look forward to reading about them.


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