Sarahn Says – One way to fall in love with yourself, is to spend some time alone. Solitude comes easier for some of us then others. Depending on who we are, where we are, and what’s going on in our lives, we can embrace it with open arms or avoid it like the plague. The reality is, at some point you won’t really have a choice. In order to accomplish your goals, both small and large most efficiently, you’ll have to step away from those around you. It’s not anything to feel down about. You don’t even have to brainstorm all the possible things that could be happening in your absence. Enjoy the time you have to yourself. It’s only at this time when you can do all the crazy, whimsical and impulsive things that make you who you are. You can talk to yourself about the things you’re not ready to share with others, reflect on the past more clearly, and find solutions to some problems you’ve been having. You can become in tune with your thoughts and more aware of your actions, both of which are really important in growth. Not only does spending time alone free you from most distractions but it shows you how much physically, mentally, and spiritually you can accomplish on your own. So remind yourself that you are good company, give your quieter thoughts an arena to be louder, and fall in love with yourself in the process. #sarahnsays

Sarahn Says – Settling gets a bad name in love. We’re taught that to settle in a relationship or position means being pre-maturely content or satisfied with someone who is not everything one thinks they want and need. In reality, no matter who you decide to be with, you are settling. No one is going to have everything you want and need. There is always going to be that thought in your head that maybe there is someone else out there that is more compatible with you or that you can find a higher level of happiness with. Perfect relationships don’t exist in the same way perfect people don’t exist. God will never give us everything so that we can appreciate what we do have. Love is a choice. Commitment is a decision. When you make that choice and that decision, you do it because you’ve found contentment in the bond you share with someone. You do it because you’re satisfied with the level of happiness you have with them and you’re not willing to risk losing it for the idea or possibility of someone or something greater. That act in itself is settling. Take time to find the person that inspires you to choose love and understand that the decision to commit is yours alone. Remember to settle not because you think you can’t do better, but instead because you don’t know what better is. Don’t settle for less, settle for more. #sarahnsays

Sarahn Says – One of the hardest things for us to do as humans is forgive ourselves. We decide how easily or challenging it will be to forgive others, but we always feel helpless when it comes to our personal evaluations of ourselves. We wish we could go back in the moment and choose our words differently, or speak up a little louder…or quieter, reverse the vulnerability, find the courage to be honest and even just appreciate the moment a little more. All of this as a result of the knowledge we gained after the experience. We fantasize about the alternative outcomes and question the role we played in the situation. We blame ourselves for why things didn’t turn out the exact way we wanted them to. Sometimes we feel the need for closure or reassurance that we think will make it all better, but it’s really about the security of knowing that the outcome was a desired one. You have that. You know that the outcome of your decision was desired and decided by the universe. You know that the feeling of regret was given to you by God. You got more from the decision than you lost from it. So free yourself. Forgive, and take pride in the security that you gain from accepting. Take pride in the experience you gained from the “mistake”, and the knowledge you acquired to prevent from making it again. #sarahnsays

Sarahn Says – Beginnings can be hard. We get so excited about the possibility of something new but it’s the act of starting it that can sometimes prove to be difficult. We all get nervous about failing or not being able to get what we desire from this new endeavor. But sometimes it’s just that doubt that stops us from being able to accomplish things…well that’s all the time. Fear is the main thing holding us back from claiming all that is ours, but we can’t see the end so we don’t always suppress the courage to begin anyway. The fear comes in different forms. Sometimes we tell ourselves we don’t really want it that much (a coping mechanism we use to not feel so bad about walking away). When something is really meant for us though, it seems to permanently exist in our heads and our hearts. We can never really escape from something that is meant for us. Instead we just choose to not begin. Understandable… beginnings can be hard. It took me 3 years to start Sarahn Says. I just acted like it wasn’t a priority to me. I told myself that I would get around to it eventually or discover another purpose for my passion. I was wrong. I am now in love with my work, my art. The one thing I was once afraid to begin, I now hope will never end but instead only grow as I do. I have found so much joy in the beginning of something. After thinking about how much more I could have already accomplished if I wasn’t afraid of the beginning before, I decided now was a better time to begin than ever. This time was no easier and doubts never disappeared but the courage I suppressed to walk into this, without even seeing the end, has already helped me to understand why I am here. Don’t be afraid of getting lost in the dark. Find the courage to begin. Become an instrument of God and in doing so, help the soul of the world. #sarahnsays