Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

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“Their Eyes Were Watching God ” by Zora Neale Hurston. This book is a 1937 novel about a young woman, Janie Crawford, and her journey through navigating love, maturity, and spirituality as she seeks fulfillment in early 20th century Florida.

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Originally published: 1937 | Author: Zora Neale Hurston
Original language: English | Genres: Fiction

Empower, Empathize, Energize!

This month, we’re focusing on increasing empowerment, empathy and energy for ourselves and those around us. Challenge yourself every day to do 1 thing that strengthens these aspects of your life.

Uplift those around you by getting your family, friends, and co-workers involved. Share what you’re doing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #sarahnsays and #ccjune18.

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In the Middle of Manipura: A Solar Plexus Story

A Film by Sarahn Sankofa

In the Middle of Manipura is about the journey through losing and finding your Yellow. Your Yellow, being that life force energy that inspires courage and creativity and aligns your decision-making with clarity and self-assurance. This is a part of my story; the first chapter in my Chakra Series, which will take me through the prism of purpose, prosperity and peace during these next 7 years of my 20’s.

Chakras (“cha-kras”) are various focal points in the human body used in ancient eastern meditation practices. The Sanskrit word, chakra, translates to ‘wheel’.

Chakras are energy centers within the body that help to regulate all of its processes, from organ function, to thought patterns and emotional balance.

There are seven chakras in the body. The 3rd chakra, Manipura, also known as the Solar Plexus chakra, is the source of personal power. This chakra is the center of our decision-making, discipline, clarity and self-assurance.

CAPTURE, CREATE, CELEBRATE! Challenge yourself everyday this month to be creative and conscious in observance of the gifts of life. Get family and friends involved and share online (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)  with hashtags’ #sarahnsays and #ccmay18.

(ways to capture, create and celebrate below)

PDF: May 2018 Calendar Challenge

Ways to Capture: take a picture, or record a video

Ways to Create: write, draw or speak about, adopt an attitude, share an energy, etc.

Ways to Celebrate: reflect on, express gratitude for, give attention to, make time for, bring people together around, etc.

May 2018 Reading

Year of Yes details famous TV-show creator Shonda Rhimes’s change from introversion to socialite by saying “Yes” to anything for a full year and how she was finally able to face her fears and start loving herself.

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In the month of May 2018, we are reading Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. We encourage you to share your questions, comments, and thoughts on the book in the comment section below.  This text is timeless, so join the conversation whenever the book finds its way to you.

Let’s get the conversation started…

  1. Can you think of a time when you let an opportunity slip away all because you couldn’t find the courage to say yes?
  2. Every kid has a dream, fantasy, or talent they want to pursue.   The “I want to be blank when I grow up.” What was yours? Are you living it today? If not, why?
  3. Shonda describes being at an event and noticing that not a single woman in the room could handle being told they are awesome. Why do you think women are reluctant to take glory in their achievements or appear arrogant even when they’ve earned it?
  4. People do what they like to do. So what is it that consumes most of your free time? If money wasn’t an object, how would you spend your time?
  5. Do you think it is more of a challenge for black people to socialize with coworkers outside of work? Do you have a “work” persona that is different from your “play” persona?
  6. Shonda writes that when she does something, she really does it and throws herself into to 100 percent. What would you do if you we’re restricted by fear?
  7. What is your version of a happy ending?

What questions have come up for you while reading Year of YES? Share them below.

Learn More about Shonda Rhimes and Year of Yes

Shonda Rhimes’s Dartmouth Commencement Speech:

Shonda Rhimes’s TEDTalk “My Year of Saying Yes to Everything” :



I woke up today, thinking that today was the last day of winter! I mean we’re having a “snowstorm” in Philadelphia right now. But I learned sometime in the mid-afternoon that today, March 20th, is actually the first day of Spring. Which means that my Sacred Woman Winter has officially come to an end. I’ve made it through the dark windy nights of solitude, salubrity, and structure.  Reflecting on these past three months, I’ve realized, I lost complete intention on dedicating my winter to those 3 S’s. I did learn a lot however about myself, those around me, and where I am going in my life. The ultimate lesson, of course, is that no self-work is ever completely done and that seasons become raindrops in the waterfalls of our lives. 

I’m learning more and more everyday, my power as a woman, a friend, a teacher, a student. I’m becoming better at those roles as life forces me to experience myself in new unknown ways. This Sacred Woman Winter has been very much like a journal for me to express my thoughts and feelings about my growing process. But reflecting on THIS growing process, I am reminded that I am always returning to evolution. I am never stagnant, or stale. Never broken or burned. I am sometimes, a wilted flower, who needs just a little of mother nature’s elements to stand me back up right. I am, all the time, an imperfect human who is constantly reflecting and analyzing my life, to blossom brighter, and withstand stronger winds.

Nothing in my life has really stayed the same over the past 3 months. My mind is stronger, my heart beats louder, my back is straighter, and my hair withstands gravity now more than ever. And my spirit is more still than it’s ever been before, leaving hibernation for the spring.