Sarahn Says – Do not get discouraged that you made promises yesterday that you weren’t able to keep today. Or that you’ve watched the weeks pass and haven’t made the progress that you set for yourself. The blessing is that you can be motivated again tomorrow. You will go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow with a new opportunity, to create moments that bring you happiness, to spend time with people you love, to better yourself. It’s about being happy on your journey. Do not wait for your life to bring you happiness, because it will never come. If you are unsatisfied, it is because you are allowing the opinions and standards of others to define what happiness means to you. You’ll always want more than you have, and even when you get what you thought you wanted, you’ll at that point be unsatisfied with that. So don’t wait for your life to bring you happiness, instead let happiness bring you your life. If you choose to be happy with all that you have today, you don’t have to worry about what you didn’t have yesterday or what you won’t have tomorrow…Are you worried about being successful? Remember that progression will inevitably lead you through your journey.  Be successful at being grateful and you will always be successful at being happy…which will bring you success in all other areas of your life. #sarahnsays

Sarahn Says – I knew today would be a special day when I went to sleep last night. Today is Day 9! I love the number 9! I was born on the 9th! The number of lives a cat has. The number of months you’re in your mother’s womb. The highest single number in numerology that symbolizes wholeness and completeness.

Today was a day FULL of lessons, signs, and moments. When I woke up this morning I unconsciously made a list in my head of all the things I am grateful for. That’s never happened to me before. I took it as a sign that I should approach my day seeing the beauty in everything. I talked to my father today and he told me that accepting yourself and loving yourself are two different things. Sometimes we get confused and think that both processes are one in the same. I’m not sure which comes first though. Can you not really love yourself until you accept who you are? Can you not truly accept yourself until you’ve already established self-love? Maybe it happens like a DNA helix-intertwined and simultaneously. Maybe. The even bigger lesson I learned today, was that no greater relationship can exist than between you and God. Your spiritual journey belongs to no one but you and you must remain loyal and true to yourself and God before anyone else. If you’re in the midst of a spiritual awakening, don’t be afraid to keep that to yourself. The opinions and feelings of others can weigh more heavily on you than you anticipated. Instead of indulging anyone who inquires, instead take the time to inquire within yourself, and get that must closer to the answers that lie within. #sarahnsays

Sarahn Says – Time is moving so quickly. It’s already Day 3! October! Autumn! Beauty! Today was the first day of this journey where I was able to feel everything happening around me. As I walked across campus I felt the breeze flow through me. When I looked up I saw God, and when I looked down I became grateful for being able to move on my own; I watched my feet and was aware that every step was bringing me closer and closer to my destination. I’d like to think that each of these days is kind of like a step, getting me closer to where I want to be. While Day 1 was full of conscious thoughts and actions, and Day 2 full of chaos and disorder, Day 3 has been full of nothing but love. The one interaction I had with a friend today was one of the most gratifying moments of my time here at college.  We talked about the power of time, sacrifice and favor; what it means to give all that you have and the uncertainty of getting it all in return. It made me think about generosity and how my desire to give puts me in a constant state of vulnerability to everything good and bad in the world. That led me to thinking about how amazing it feels to give someone love, joy, hope, peace…and how even when the same is not returned to us, we might feel weak in the moment but that amazing feeling we get from giving never changes. I used to think I did things for people because I wanted them to do the same for me. “I’ll give you my last dollar, would you give me yours?, I’ll listen to you vent for hours, can I get a piece of your time?, I’ll open up to you, but could you be just as honest with me?” I realized today that thinking in this way went against my true intention behind giving. I didn’t need proof that people I gave to would return the favor. I just needed to feel like I was recognized as someone who exudes graciousness, and kindness. On Day 3, I looked in the mirror and for the first time saw these things in myself. Don’t let the expectations you have of others cloud your view of what it means to live a life worth living. A life worth living is one where self-love and self-knowledge lead you in all that you do. A life worth living is one where you understand that all the beautiful things in life can only be received by giving. #sarahnsays

Sarahn Says – Come on this 40-day journey with me! I must first apologize for my absence over the last month. Returning to school has been such a rollercoaster that I am now off of (after six weeks). Focusing on my studies has occupied so much of my life, and Sarahn Says has been falling down on my priority list. To be honest, Sarahn has been falling down on my priority list. I feel that lately I’ve been losing myself to the energies and occurrences happening around me. I have decided however to get back to myself, and all of the things that make up ME! If I want the universe to be true to me, I must first be true to it. I have decided to embark on a 40-day search for self. One day recently I looked at my calendar and freaked out when I realized I was turning 20 in less than two months. 19 isn’t the prettiest but 20…20 is more than the next year up. It’s the beginning of the next decade of my life, which is beyond creepy. I’m calling this search “The 40 to my 20.” Not only am I attempting to cut all bad foods out of my diet, but I am exercising, meditating and deliberately praying everyday, and I am taking every opportunity I have to think in solitude. In other words, avoiding as many social situations as possible and spending my days alone. I must admit I’m excited! I was inspired to make this 40-day decision when I realized I was beginning to forget who I am. So I’m doing what any sane person would do. I’m going to look for myself. I know I’m in arms reach. The direction, I’m not too sure about. But the reality is I’m afraid to let anymore time pass before I begin the search. I’ve decided to share my journey with you.


Today is day 1! It’s been a crazy day, but I’m here! I made it. Today I realized that you must not be selfish with who you are. If you move in a way that reflects honesty and genuineness you inspire those around you to think and act in the same way, free from judgment and unacceptance. The vulnerability people see in you, motivates them to be vulnerable as well. So don’t be afraid to be who you are at all times, or even to feel like you don’t want to share your true self with others. Yes you do. Imagine a life where you didn’t have to question or worry about how others felt about you. Not only because they would accept you for all that are, but if not just because you loved yourself so much it didn’t even matter. And you loved the world so much, you could contribute nothing to it but honesty and happiness and you could only take out of it what was truly yours. #sarahnsaysScan

“I remember trying to do all that I could in my power to get a guy back. Or maybe I should say get his affection back. I was spending an immeasurable amount of both mental and emotional energy on this one task. Fragile from rejection, drained from the facade, anxious awaiting interaction…it was all too much. Impatient with the process, I decided to sleep with him.  I thought I had it all figured out. Truth is, it was just impulsivity and an emotionally dictated attitude that led me to make that decision. So when I found out that things weren’t the way I thought they were or really what I wanted them to be I was hurt and confused, but more than anything I was disappointed that I compromised myself. It was I, not anyone else who convinced myself that the love of another was more gratifying than the love I had for myself. When I stopped blaming him and started making it about me, my feelings for him changed and I began to see things clearer almost instantly. When I let go of trying to have control over it, it stopped having control over me. It wasn’t worthy of a celebration. No money spent on a new outfit or a night out with my girls. It was more like the satisfaction you get from crossing something off a list, or beating a difficult level in one of those games we get so caught up in. The emotional freedom was an accomplishment that I had to work hard for, I must add. But there was more to be done, life was continuing. I wasn’t a new woman. I was just an updated version of myself. Our ending didn’t define me any more than our beginning had.  This was just another obstacle that the universe had put in my path.”

Sarahn Says – Usually we make decisions because for whatever reason, at that moment we think that’s the best decision to make. But sometimes we make decisions even though we know they’re not the best because the desire to do whatever it is, is at that moment stronger than the fear of the consequences. You know, you didn’t sleep with him because you thought it was the best decision. You did it because you weren’t afraid of what might happen afterwards. But, fear definitely played a part somewhere. Maybe it was the fear to acknowledge the desperation. Fear of the lies, fear of the truth? Or the fear of being powerless, in your unknown awaiting solitude.

It’s the fear that blinds us. It blinds us from remembering the mistakes we’ve made in the past. It blinds us from seeing all that we have and all that we’ve worked for. Fear rejects the answers we’ve already received to the questions we’ve already asked. Fear is doubting the faith already instilled. So be not afraid of the future ,the unseen and the unknown. Be afraid instead of forgetting what God has already given you, what the universe has already shown you, and where your journey has already brought you. #sarahnsays

Sarahn Says – Another way to fall in love with yourself is to be unconditionally kind to everyone around you. You ever notice that after saying something hurtful, getting revenge, or putting someone in their place, you don’t feel better afterwards? You actually feel worse. That’s because it doesn’t feel good to be cruel, angry or mean. It goes against our nature and often throws us off balance. You might walk away from a situation thinking about how the other person feels, but you’re more likely to be thinking about how the situation made you feel…inconsiderate, at fault, and maybe even regretful. On the other hand, it feels so amazing to be kind. Not only do we feel so much better about everything around us, but we feel better about ourselves. We like what we see when we look in the mirror and we know others like what they see as well. The best part about it is that we inspire those around us to be kind. It can be hard to be unconditionally kind to everyone, especially when we’re bogged down by our own problems. It’s even harder when there is negative energy coming from people around us. But you can’t let people get in the way of you loving yourself. That’s just as ridiculous and their negativity! Put a little extra effort in to being kind, even in the face of cruelty. Your ego might take some hits at first, but in the long run you’ll feel amazing. Start today and slowly make it a part of your lifestyle. #sarahnsays

Sarahn Says – You know what you want to hear, so don’t wait around for anyone to deliver that message. Tell yourself! We often feel confused, doubtful and worrisome about the things that are happening in our lives, who we are, who we want to be, and all the things in between. However, we can’t run from our problems and we have to take it all day-by-day, and sometimes we just want someone to tell us that everything is going to be okay. But it’s important that we hear it in the way that most resonates with us individually. Some people need that tough love, “suck it up and figure it out” motivation. Other people respond best to receiving love and encouragement, while others find that changing their perspective or accepting things for what they are works best for them. You know yourself well enough to know what you respond best to. You don’t have to wait for anyone to tell you what you want to hear. The next time you feel inspired, write down a list of short sentences that work best for you in positively reaffirming yourself. Compile the sentences into a flowing paragraph around 100-130 words, and add it as a note on your cell phone. You can include anything in the paragraph about family, sacrifice, patience, favorability, god etc. Whatever works for you. The next time you are feeling crazy and caught up, refer to the paragraph and allow it to be just the thing you need to get through, find your center, and hopefully even inspire you. Make sure that it’s saying exactly what you need it to, and feel free to revise it when you feel like you need it say something else. Don’t refer to it too often or it will begin to lose its value. Instead, go to it when you need it most and notice how it will instantly change your attitude and the way you feel about your ability to conquer the world. #sarahnsays