Empower, Empathize, Energize!

This month, we’re focusing on increasing empowerment, empathy and energy for ourselves and those around us. Challenge yourself every day to do 1 thing that strengthens these aspects of your life.

Uplift those around you by getting your family, friends, and co-workers involved. Share what you’re doing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #sarahnsays and #ccjune18.

PDF: June 2018 Calendar Challenge

CAPTURE, CREATE, CELEBRATE! Challenge yourself everyday this month to be creative and conscious in observance of the gifts of life. Get family and friends involved and share online (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)  with hashtags’ #sarahnsays and #ccmay18.

(ways to capture, create and celebrate below)

PDF: May 2018 Calendar Challenge

Ways to Capture: take a picture, or record a video

Ways to Create: write, draw or speak about, adopt an attitude, share an energy, etc.

Ways to Celebrate: reflect on, express gratitude for, give attention to, make time for, bring people together around, etc.

Mindful Motivated March! Challenge yourself everyday in the month of March 2018 to do 1 or 2 things that increase your mental + physical health, and simply just make you feel good! Uplift those around you by getting your family, friends and co-workers involved. Share your fun with pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #sarahnsays and #ccmarch18. Visit sarahnsays.com for more information.

PDF: Sarahn Says March 2018 Calendar Challenge


Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of sharing a few of my New Year’s Tips along with my Calendar Challenge on The Lounge on Philadelphia’s WURD 900AM station. The show is hosted by Keaton Nichols and produced by Eric Nixon. To find out more about WURD and Black Talk Media click here: http://900amwurd.com/

To hear my segment on The Lounge, listen below. (22:03 – 45:12)

To see my Facebook Live post of the airing, watch below.