My Story

Hello! My name is Sarahn. I’m a native of Philadelphia and the youngest of three children. I was nurtured in a two-parent home where love and honesty were both encouraged and celebrated. While growing up, I was blessed to be exposed to many wonderful things that broadened my view of the world and motivated me to use what I had learned to help others.  

I started Sarahn Says when I mustered the courage to fully acknowledge one of the many purposes of my passion…to help people. I feel most connected to the universe through my relations to others; whether it be providing someone with an ear, showing them a new perspective on the world, or helping them solve one of life’s many problems. I love to talk, write and build through shared ideas, philosophies and experiences.

I recently graduated from college where I studied Psychology and Journalism.  I am using Sarahn Says as a platform for my future goal to become a mental, physical and spiritual therapist on a multi-media platform.  When I’m not researching, working, or spending time with loved ones, I enjoy traveling, dancing, meditating, and reading.