So I’ve never been one to see a new year as an opportunity to go after those things I failed to reach the year before. HAHAHA! No, I’m totally kidding. That’s exactly who I am! I’m the person that sees every new week as an opportunity to start a new habit, and sees everyday as a new chance at being an optimist. I am ALL about the START UP! I believe in the power of starting new things, trailing new roads, and becoming a better person, simply because you want to. And I have to admit that I haven’t always been the best at the follow through, so   2019 is just that opportunity for me, but instead of it being a new year in my life, I see it as the next stage of my adulthood, so it means a little more.

This year I am…

  1. Turning 25 (NEXT STAGE!)
  2. Publishing my 1st Book
  3. Starting Grad School
  4. Proving to my body that I can do anything
  5. Showing my bank account who’s the Boss
  6. Loving myself more and more each day

That can’t be too hard right! I am more than confident in my ability to accomplish any and everything I set my mind too. I’ve done it before, and I’ll continue to do it again and again, BECAUSE I CAN! There is nothing in between me and my goals, but a strong swing and a slide split.


I’m learning that the magic of accomplishing your goals really is as simple as riding the wave of self-belief and stamina. And maybe simple doesn’t equate to easy, but living below your potential or your vision of what you want for your life can’t be any easier. I mean, just think about how you feel when you don’t do what you tell yourself you’re going to do. There is nothing sexy or satisfying about that. What is sexy and satisfying however, is setting goals you know will improve your life, overcoming obstacles that appear on your path, and being happy and at peace the entire time, because not only are you grateful for another day to love the life you are living, but you actually love the life you are living…BECAUSE YOU CAN!

That’s it right there. That, I believe is the magic formula.

Now you can do what you want with your time and energy. So DO WHAT YOU WANT! Do what makes you come alive, and what makes you feel like living your life is the best thing that could have ever happened to you. Make the hard work, focus, and dedication things you LOVE because you know it’s all a part of the journey and you can’t and won’t get there without finding some space in your life for those things. The final note: don’t forget to love yourself. Love yourself so much that you can’t not go after what you deserve. Love yourself so much that it only feels good to treat yourself right. Love yourself so much that no matter what happens you’re committed to being at peace with what you have and who you are, BECAUSE WHAT ELSE CAN YOU REALLY DO?

To 2019! To dreams and dares! To serendipity and synergy! To love and laughter! To growing up, going after and getting there! Cheers!

What are you going after and getting to this year? How are you growing UP? Leave your comments below.


“There is a love, That is shining for you. Coming in to make you whole. It’s
shining for you, coming in to make you whole.” – India.Arie

This week was COLD! Literally more than figuratively. The weather in Philadelphia was as low as 11 degrees this week. It seems like Winter came right when it was suppose to…we are feeling it! But I must say I’m feeling warm and fuzzy in my little corner of the universe.


“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.” (Isaiah 30:15)

I really enjoyed the time I spent this week, just spending time with loved ones and having that good ole’ quality ME TIME I so desperately need. I got a massage this week, gave my nails, hair and body some TLC and spent NYE right where I belong…on my yoga mat in child’s pose, praying and thanking God for another year of life.

I debated going out but decided I was going to spend that ‘special’ moment by myself this time. It seems like the older I get, certain moments feel less special or unique. I’m realizing that your life moments are more defined by you than by others. Either way, I am super excited for 2018 and can’t wait to grow and blossom and evolve these next 12 months. I feel like this is just going to be a very special year of taking care of certain things…myself being the number one thing on that list.



This week I reflected on this past year. I worked on writing pieces for what seemed like hours, never at any moment getting tired, or bored. I took a bath, and talked to myself about everything that’s causing me some once of pain right now. It was so freeing. I found myself asking questions to imaginary people in my head, waiting for their imaginary answers and finding the answers on my own. Sometimes thats how life goes. You have to find the answers on your own.

This week ended with a snow day that kept me in house, filled my mind with sheets of cleanliness and reminded me that life needs to slow down sometimes so we can monitor our breathing and feel our heartbeats.

My goals for this next week include, reading and writing everyday, not complaining about the cold when I’m out in it, but instead just enjoying the beauty of nature, continuing to wake up early and getting to work right away, and replacing every negative thought in my head with a positive one.


The 6th book I’m reading, reviewing and resourcing this year is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Watch my review of the text below. To see a full list of the 17 books I’m reading in 2017, click here.

Link to The Alchemist Book Review:

“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. This book is a 1988 novel about a boy’s journey, traveling the world in search of his treasure, that of which comes to him in a dream.

Purchase book here:

Originally published: 1988 | Author: Paulo Coelho

Original language: Portuguese | Genre: Quest, Adventure Fiction, Fantasy Fiction

My Favorite Pages:




The 5th book I’m reading, reviewing and resourcing this year is Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Watch my review of the text below.

Link to my Americanah Book Review:

“Americanah” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. This book is a 2013 novel about the journey of two young Nigerians in love, and their pursuit to navigate to and through America.

Purchase book here:…

Originally published: 2013 | Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Original language: English | Genre: Novel

My Favorite Pages:





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Blessed Day to All! It’s raining here in LA (go figure right) but I hope the sun is shining wherever you are in the world! And if not, may the weather be exactly what you need to find yourself wrapped up in warm blankets taking some much needed time for self.

I’m extremely excited to return to my show this season and to fill my last semester in college with some sanity and serenity.

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January 22nd 2017 Show Content

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Conversations that Count

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Is it necessary to include race in the gender equality/rights conversation? Is now the time to talk about the pressing issues that face sub groups of women including immigrant rights, mass incarceration and police brutality?, Your Right to Protest & How to do it Safely:


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Mindful Managing

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Staying Off your Phone Before going to Sleep

sleep-with-phone-in-bed-620x340(CDN IMG Health)


Sitting too Much can Age you by 8 Years

Pink chair (Getty Images)

Tracks from the Show (In Order Played)

Happy To be Here – E40

Forward (Ft. James Blake) – Beyonce

Freedom (Ft. Kendrick Lamar) – Beyonce

Pretty Bird – Jhene Aiko

Wings of Forgiveness – India.Arie

Hope ft. Twista – Faith Evans

I Am Light – India.Arie

Mind, Body, & Spirit Tips of the Week

  • Mind: Read 20-30 Pages a Day
    • 10-15 in the morning, 10-15 in the evening
    • wind down on your lunch break
  • Body: Try Meal Prepping
    • more mindful of what you’re eating
    • saves you time and energy
  • Spirit: Practice Something for 20 minutes a day
    • Duolingo is a great app for learning a language!
    • do it during some downtime (after arriving home, with tea before bed)

Positive Affirmations this Week (Related to Intuition)

  • Linked to physical reactions
    • Processing information
    • Sending signals throughout the body
  • Easy to lose track of signals when upset, tired or stressed
  • Affirmations when you need to remind yourself to find your center with your intuition
  1. I call upon the tools naturally offered to me
  2. I’m open to receiving divine guidance
  3. I am connected to my inner vision
  4. My intuition grows stronger everyday

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