In 2019, Sarahn Says is here to help you adopt healthy habits. One day of positive action towards improving your health is great, but real transformation comes from consistency and developing healthy habits. This month, choose 1 healthy habit that you will adopt from daily practice. Habits are developed by performing an action for 21 days straight. If you stray off, forgive yourself and instead strive to perform the action at least 21 days in the month. Focus on 1 habit that will really improve your life (don’t try to do them all). You have options! Remember YOU are in charge of your life.

Healthy Habit Option #1:

Drink lots of water

Healthy Habit Option #2:

Dedicate at least

5 minutes to prayer

Healthy Habit

Option #3:

Send someone an uplifting message

Healthy Habit

Option #4:

Avoid negative talk about others


Uplift those around you by getting your family, friends, and co-workers involved. Share your experience with posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtags #sarahnsays and  #ccjune19.

PDF LINK FOR DOWNLOAD June 2019 Calendar Challenge PDF

Today, we are half way through the Sarahn Says March 2018 Calendar Challenge. It has been an adventure of inspiration and motivation that has increased the presence, energy, and excitement of myself and so many others!

Looking Back on these last two weeks, I want to encourage participants to reflect on what they did that brought them joy, peace of mind, clarity, relief, etc. Maybe it was painting or doing something you’ve been putting off. Maybe walking around your neighborhood brought you peace and relaxation, or lighting incense or a candle. These are all things that you can continuously do very easily that will increase your life. It’s really about stopping long enough to be intentional.

“All of your little actions make up the big picture of your life, and you alone are the artist of your life experience. Color your life, and shine through the power of your prism.” – @sarahnsays

MARCHing Forward, I encourage you to remain committed to every journey of bettering yourself. The time will pass regardless of how you’re spending it, so keep your head up and go after things that challenge you. If you’re constantly pushing yourself to be better, stronger, smarter, wiser, and more fearless, you are always pushing the limits of your greatness. Your impact on the world, and your potential to reach all heights, is determined by how far you have met yourself.

“Keep meeting yourself, over and over, further and further. Never turn your back on tomorrow’s YOU.” – @sarahnsays 

Btw, its never too late to join the March 2018 Calendar Challenge! Visit to download your calendar and start participating.

Sanity and Serenity,



This past week has been full of love and excitement. I have felt so uplifted and supported in everything I’m doing, and it feels great to spread positivity and light to those around me. My Calendar Challenge has brought so much spontaneous energy into my days and it’s really inspiring to see people be engaged and encouraged by something I have created. I have had a really good feeling about this year, 2018, and already I can tell that magical and mystical things are taking place in my life. I know that things are changing just by observing my approach to my spirit and other spirits around me. I am beginning to see things differently, and my feelings and thoughts about particular circumstances have evolved. I no longer feel the need to compromise myself for what “looks” better and I have no interest in forcing things that nature is not helping to grow. Nature is helping me to grow, and I am completely present in that process.

As you move through different stages in your life, you begin to understand more about time, and divine energy and losing and winning. Oprah once said that “There are no mistakes, because you have a supreme destiny. There is a calling in your life, a supreme destiny, and your job is to feel that, to hear that, to know that. Everything is leading to the same path. There are no wrong paths. Failure is just that thing trying to move you in another direction. So you get as much from your losses as you do from your victories.” I am understanding more and more everyday, the role I have in my success. It is just as much in my hands as it is in the hands of the world. My job as a human living is to go with the wind, drink the water, keep my feet on the earth, and fan the flames of the fire. I am whole. 

This past week I had my 2nd event, Sacred Woman Yoga in Philadelphia. I engaged with women who were seeking yoga as a way to strengthen their minds, bodies, and spirits. We learned from the wisdom of Dr. Robbin Alston who is the Queen Mother of Ase Yoga Studio and Tea Room. She shared the history and value of yoga with attendees and led a yoga class to prepare our minds and bodies for further instruction from myself. It was a great experience, just learning and sharing with positive women who are committing to a life of peace and prosperity. As we breathed and focused our attention together, we created a system of vulnerability and support that will continue to strengthen us beyond the space.

I did a radio program the next day where the host asked me about what I learned from my event. She thought that since I was in the beginning stages of hosting events that I was experiencing something new in my journey to myself and my purpose. Of course what I have learned from my events thus far about coordination, and marketing, and relating, etc. has allowed me to grow in the pursuit of my mission. But what I have really learned, or been reminded of I should say, is that we are constant reflections of love and light and we have more in common that we know. I have rose back into remembering that I am learning just as much if not more than I am teaching and that every experience  is a a new lesson in growth and gratitude.