“There is a love, That is shining for you. Coming in to make you whole. It’s
shining for you, coming in to make you whole.” – India.Arie

This week was COLD! Literally more than figuratively. The weather in Philadelphia was as low as 11 degrees this week. It seems like Winter came right when it was suppose to…we are feeling it! But I must say I’m feeling warm and fuzzy in my little corner of the universe.


“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.” (Isaiah 30:15)

I really enjoyed the time I spent this week, just spending time with loved ones and having that good ole’ quality ME TIME I so desperately need. I got a massage this week, gave my nails, hair and body some TLC and spent NYE right where I belong…on my yoga mat in child’s pose, praying and thanking God for another year of life.

I debated going out but decided I was going to spend that ‘special’ moment by myself this time. It seems like the older I get, certain moments feel less special or unique. I’m realizing that your life moments are more defined by you than by others. Either way, I am super excited for 2018 and can’t wait to grow and blossom and evolve these next 12 months. I feel like this is just going to be a very special year of taking care of certain things…myself being the number one thing on that list.



This week I reflected on this past year. I worked on writing pieces for what seemed like hours, never at any moment getting tired, or bored. I took a bath, and talked to myself about everything that’s causing me some once of pain right now. It was so freeing. I found myself asking questions to imaginary people in my head, waiting for their imaginary answers and finding the answers on my own. Sometimes thats how life goes. You have to find the answers on your own.

This week ended with a snow day that kept me in house, filled my mind with sheets of cleanliness and reminded me that life needs to slow down sometimes so we can monitor our breathing and feel our heartbeats.

My goals for this next week include, reading and writing everyday, not complaining about the cold when I’m out in it, but instead just enjoying the beauty of nature, continuing to wake up early and getting to work right away, and replacing every negative thought in my head with a positive one.


Sarahn Says – Come on this 40-day journey with me! I must first apologize for my absence over the last month. Returning to school has been such a rollercoaster that I am now off of (after six weeks). Focusing on my studies has occupied so much of my life, and Sarahn Says has been falling down on my priority list. To be honest, Sarahn has been falling down on my priority list. I feel that lately I’ve been losing myself to the energies and occurrences happening around me. I have decided however to get back to myself, and all of the things that make up ME! If I want the universe to be true to me, I must first be true to it. I have decided to embark on a 40-day search for self. One day recently I looked at my calendar and freaked out when I realized I was turning 20 in less than two months. 19 isn’t the prettiest but 20…20 is more than the next year up. It’s the beginning of the next decade of my life, which is beyond creepy. I’m calling this search “The 40 to my 20.” Not only am I attempting to cut all bad foods out of my diet, but I am exercising, meditating and deliberately praying everyday, and I am taking every opportunity I have to think in solitude. In other words, avoiding as many social situations as possible and spending my days alone. I must admit I’m excited! I was inspired to make this 40-day decision when I realized I was beginning to forget who I am. So I’m doing what any sane person would do. I’m going to look for myself. I know I’m in arms reach. The direction, I’m not too sure about. But the reality is I’m afraid to let anymore time pass before I begin the search. I’ve decided to share my journey with you.


Today is day 1! It’s been a crazy day, but I’m here! I made it. Today I realized that you must not be selfish with who you are. If you move in a way that reflects honesty and genuineness you inspire those around you to think and act in the same way, free from judgment and unacceptance. The vulnerability people see in you, motivates them to be vulnerable as well. So don’t be afraid to be who you are at all times, or even to feel like you don’t want to share your true self with others. Yes you do. Imagine a life where you didn’t have to question or worry about how others felt about you. Not only because they would accept you for all that are, but if not just because you loved yourself so much it didn’t even matter. And you loved the world so much, you could contribute nothing to it but honesty and happiness and you could only take out of it what was truly yours. #sarahnsaysScan